Why I Weigh Myself on Sundays

Choosing the right day to weigh yourself is a topic that is discussed a lot on blogs, forums or Weight Watcher’s social network Connect and everyone has a different opinion and reasoning. Some prefer Fridays because then splurges on the weekends can be offset throughout the week. Others prefer the middle of the week and some people like me prefer Sundays.

Here are my personal reasons why I weigh myself on Sundays:

Simple Logistics

My job requires a lot of travelling from me and while I was considering purchasing a travel scale (it was even on my list of approved purchases) I decided that this would be a senseless purchase since I can easily change my weigh in day and that I do not want to carry it around with me when travelling. Since most of my travels are Monday through Thursday, Sunday is a good day for my weigh in.

I Have More Time

For me Sunday is usually my lazy day. I have less plans and they usually don’t start until 11 am. Weighing in on a Sunday thus gives me the opportunity to actually reflect on my weight loss (or lack of it), I can write my diet update and be mindful about the upcoming week.

I Keep Myself in Check on the Weekends

I don’t know how your week is going, but the weekend is usually the time I splurge, I go for brunch or dinner with my friends, go out for drinks and all of a sudden I have consumed a crazy amount of points. Knowing that my weigh-in is coming up helps me to keep myself in check and not splurge as much as I might want to.

Some people argue that one shouldn’t restrain him-/herself and find a way to make weight watchers work with the lifestyle but for me Weight Watchers is a way of breaking my old habits and teaching myself new ones such as learning that I don’t have to have dessert when dining out to have a good time etc.


5 thoughts on “Why I Weigh Myself on Sundays

  1. anna0214 says:

    I weigh once every two weeks. I stop by my doctors office and just run in to use the scales! The nurses laughed at me this morning when I came in and asked if it was ok. I have a lot to lose and I do not want to get discouraged, so for now, I am trying not to focus too much on the scale and more on the changes I can make. Enjoyed reading your blog! Keep up the good work!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Change Movement says:

      Thank you! I have been lazy this past month but will work on it 😊 for me weight loss is all about the little things changes, it is great to just get started and once you get more comfortable you can add regularly weighing yourself in 😊


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