Luxuries I allow myself

While I am trying to be more conscientious about my spending and saving more money there are certain luxuries I budget for and that I wouldn’t want to miss. These things are certainly no essentials and I could cut them, but they just make life a lot easier and I am happy to spend money on them.

1. Weight Watchers Subscription

Coming at $20 a month or  $240 a year a Weight Watchers online subscription is definitely not cheap, but as I outlined on my current post on Weight Watchers, I like the program and believe I can be successful with it. The monetary committment also helps me to stay committed to the program since I paid a lot of money on it so I bette ruse it.

2. Manicures/ Pedicures

Working in an office setting and having client contact every day it is important to looking dapper is very important. Because of my Hashimoto’s disease and the resulting hormonal levels in my body nail  polish usually only lasts a couple of hours before chipping. Hence, I get a no chip manicure every 3 to 4 weeks so I don’t have to worry about my nails and what they look like. While at it I also get a pedicure and usually pay about $55 for both per visit incl. tip.

3. Massages

I LOVE MASSAGES! A LOT! So from time to time I get a massage, either when I feel stressed or just need to relax in general for example after one of my long transatlantic flights. For an hour long Chinese massage I pay about $45 incl. tip. This is not a monthly thing, but a luxury I certainly don’t want to miss.

4. Cleaner

This is probably the most important luxury for me. I am living with a roommate who is rather messy/ doesn’t have an eye for cleanliness. This was never a problem, since the clutter is mostly restricted to her room and I was cleaning the more important things on a weekly basis such as the bathroom and kitchen. Hoewever, since I started my international project I am usually away from home for 4 weeks and back for 2 weeks. I highly doubt that during this time she does any cleaning (although she tries to have the place neat when I come home) and since I don’t want to spend the few days at home cleaning the apartment, we hired a professional cleaner that comes once a month and does a deep clean of the apartment. This costs me $60 but totally worth the money!

5. Good Food

When it comes to grocery shopping I am trying to be budget conscientious but I also make sure that I fuel my body with foods that might be more expensive but healthier such as organic things, non-GMO, no growth hormones, all natural etc.


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