What I want to accomplish: Shopping Ban

Another thing I would like to accomplish in the upcoming year is to focus less on materialistic things and random shopping but actually use my money for experience (see my travel plans) or something useful (see my saving goals).

I got inspired by Cait Flanders who completed a two-year shopping ban and learned a ton along the way. I myself am a random shopper. Whenever I am bored I go to the stores and see what I like and usually I buy things on a whim and don’t really think much about my purchses.

So in the spirit of maybe moving to my home country and besides decluttering I am planning on completing a shopping ban myself with the goal of doing the entire year.

The Rules

The rules are fairly simple:

  1. I am only allowed to replace things which I ran out of or the broke
  2. I will have an approved shopping list with items I need to purchase in the next year
  3. The ban does not apply to things I use on a daily basis but: random things off Amazon, clothes and accessories, as well as make up
  4. The ban also applies to take out food that I get when I am home alone and too lazy to cook

The Objectives

Besides the goal to no longer accumulate random stuff and become a more consciences consumer, I also want to become more consciences with my money. The past year I have not really been focusing on budgeting and living within my means but with a lot of changes coming up later in 2017 I need to focus my efforts more onto saving up money and put money towards my new beginning, since I will have some major purchases coming up.

Approved Purchases

Without further due, here are the items I am allowed to purchase in 2017:

  • one hat for my travels (a sports base cap)
  • Buying off my current phone
  • a road map for Patagonia
  • A faucet water filter (I love soda water and recently purchased a Soda Stream, so a faucet water filter will make my life a lot easier and get my nice soda water without having to go to the store purchasing the expensive bottles)
  • Two gas cylinders for the Soda Stream
  • two long work out pants for my travels
  • Two pant suits for work
  • Travel bathroom scale
  • Anything that I would need if I moved back to Europe earlier (such as furniture, kitchen gadgets etc.)

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