6 Ways to have a Budget-friendly Social Life

Trying to focus more on my budget and being more mindful about what I spent my money on I discovered some great ways for me to spend time with friends but still

1. Have a Potluck/ Cook a Meal together

Instead of going for an expensive meal have a potluck with your friends or cook a meal together. You could share meal duties and everyone brings the ingredients for or a prepared dish. Another person can take over cocktail or wine duty.

2. Pre-Game like in the good old days

If planning a night out with friends why not invite everyone over to spend some quality time together pregaming?

3. Go for a walk/ Explore the neighborhood

There is always something new to discover. For even switching up the side of the road I am walk on shows me new things. So take a friend for a walk, get a coffee to go and just explore.

4. Have a movie night at your place

Rather than going to the movies, have a movie night at home. Snacks can be fancier and everyone can wear PJs or sweatpants. Sounds like my perfect night.

5. Go Workout together

Another way to get quality time in with your friends and saving money AND doing something for your health is to work out together. Maybe you have a friend going to the same gym and you can take classes or just go outside for a walk, bike ride or some yoga.

6. Take Advantage of free Museums Nights/ Festivals

Living in Chicago most museums offer free nights/ days for Illinois residents that are great for enjoying some culture while saving money.


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