Diet Review – Week 14

Yet another week is over and while I did fairly well sticking to the plan I also used up all my weekly points again and dipped into my activity points. I had a friend I town Saturday night and did not pay too much attention to what I ate/ drank for Saturday as well as Sunday. I need to regroup and get my head back in the game.

The Good

Just like last week I lost weight but I could still work the plan better and probably see better results. Nonetheless, despite losing slowly I am on the right way and am on track for achieving my actual goal of a 40 lb loss in 2017. This past week I managed to get 3 blue dots and went to the gym three times. I was feeling bad since I didn’t go yesterday, but reading my review from last week I came to realize that it was my personal goal to go at least three times and that I should not feel like I’ve failed. This is one of the reasons for this blog, keep myself accountable but also review my own journey and put things into perspective.

 The Bad

As mentioned in the intro, I did not track the last day of the week and did not make the best choices food-wise.

The Numbers

Here are the results of the past weeks:

Weight lost:  1.2 lb

Total weight lost:  13.4 lb

BMI: 33.5

Total reduction in BMI: 2.1

The Objectives

I need to focus more on eating within the plan so the goal is to not eat activity points and get more blue dot days. Also I am shooting for going to the gym at least 3 times this week and get a work-out in.

I am now officially 1/3 of the way to my goal of 2017 and given that not even 1/3 of the year is over I am very happy and excited for the next couple of months. I am also thinking about maybe making it 44 lb so that I have the weight it says on my drivers licence by the end of 2017, which is a weight I have not seen in several years (def. not when I got the license). For my mid-May goal of losing 20 lb I have now 5.5 weeks left and 6.6 lb to go. It might be close but I just need to work the plan better and hopefully accomplish this.

On another note I am happy that I am only 0.4 lb away from reaching my first personal milestone. Which will be a weight I have not had for over a year.


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