Diet Review – Week 13


First week back on the plan after all the travelling and I must say it went pretty well. I stayed within my points (incl. weeklies and activity points) and lost 1 pound.

The Good

I lost weight! i could still work the plan better but I continued to make better choices in general and tracked everything The biggest accomplishment this week is though that I started to add exercise and actually went to the gym 4 times this week for a minimum of 1h. Yesterday, I did two classes which I think I will aim for every Saturday now, or at least one. I went to my first yoga class ever and afterwards did some Zumba which in my opinion is an amazing workout. You move so much but because of the music and “dancing” it just doesn’t feel like one.

 The Bad

I hardly got a blue dot this week, so this is something I definitely need to start working on more for better results.

The Numbers

Here are the results of the past weeks:

Weight lost:  1 lb

Total weight lost:  12.2 lb

BMI: 33.7

Total reduction in BMI: 1.9


The Objectives

I need to focus more on eating within the plan so the goal is to not eat activity points and get more blue dot days. Also I am shooting for going to the gym at least 3 times this week and get a work-out in.

I have now lost 30.5% of the weight I want to lose this year and 5.2% of my starting weight. As for my personal milestone of losing 8.8 lb by mid-March I need to step it up a bit more but I am moving in the right direction and can’t wait to see if I make it ´. Nonetheless, I will be a more self-confident person during my vacation and enjoy the beach fully!



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