Diet Review – Week 9 through 12

This is the first diet update in a while due to all the traveling I have been doing.

During my trips I made the decision not to track my eating with the Weight Watchers app but rather try to eat healthy and make good choices. This was rather difficult and didn’t always work but overall I had a great few weeks.

Coming down with food poisoning in Chile probably helped as well since I was trying to eat very simple foods (such as rice and apples) after that and didn’t consume any more alcohol.

Overall, the month of March was a success and now it is just about getting back on the plan.

The Good

Despite not tracking I managed to lose quite a bit compared to the previous weeks. Also my daily points value got reduced by 2 which is also a good sign that I am on the right track

 The Bad

Nothing to complain about since everything was according to plan and I had great results.

The Numbers

Here are the results of the past weeks:

Weight lost:  4.7 lb

Total weight lost:  11.2 lb

BMI: 33.9

Total reduction in BMI: 1.7

Since I also measured myself a couple of weeks back, I took measurements and thought I would share them with you. Currently I would like to see some inches gone around the stomach area. Measurements are all in inches:

reduction waist  0.8

reduction stomach:  1.9

reduction hip: 1.4

reduction thigh: 0.4

The Objectives

These are pretty much the usual: track everything I am eating and aim for those blue dots. I also want to incorporate more exercise into my life since my international assignment ended. A friend is going to the same gym so today we want to create a work-out plan.

Overall I already lost 28% of the weight I want to lose this year (so I am right on track since a quarter of the year is over, and lost about 4.8% of my body weight. The next small personal milestone is to lose a total of 20 lb by mid-May since I will be going back home for a visit and on a beach vacation. Given that those are only 8.8 lb to lose over a span of 7 weeks (about 1.2 lb  week), I feel I can accomplish that!


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