Why I love Roadtrips

My preferred kind of trip is the one where I fly out to a country and then get a rental car and go on a road trip.

You are not confined to one place

When you book a beach vacation or do a city trip you are usually just confined to one place. Maybe you go and visit things within the vicinity but that is pretty much it. Having a rental car and going on a road trip gives you the opportunity to visit as many places during your trip as you like and stay there for as long as you want to.

Especially when travelling to countries that have different vegetation/ areas I feel it would be a shame to not take it all in and see as much as possible.

It offers a lot of flexibility

Driving around in your own car gives you the greatest flexibility of all. You are not dependent on plane or bus schedules, you can leave whenever you want to and if something interesting comes along the way you can just stop and check it out. You are also more flexible when you change your plans. Maybe one spot isn’t as exciting as you were hoping so you want to just pack up and go somewhere else.

You see the country and not just the tourist hot spots

By driving through the country (and even if you just drive to the most touristy spots) you see a side of it you wouldn’t have experienced. Especially when driving through the countryside and villages or towns you get an idea about the regular life people lead there and get to taste the real local food.

Whenever I can I try to roadtrip. Thus far I did this in the US a couple of times, as well as New Zealand, Costa Rica and Patagonia.


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