Diet Review – Week 7

It is 5:30am here in Germany and I am just not able to sleep. Since I am due with this post since Sunday though I thought I might as well just write it up.

The week started fantastically. After not having my mind in the game for two weeks and gaining a total of 2.4 lb, I was able to get 4/7 blue dot days this week. The troubles started with the weekend. I travelled to Cologne to meet up with several friends and my brother so there was plenty of food and drinks. However, I managed to loose weight and hopefully this week I will loose the remainder of what I have gained and hopefully a bit more so I can continue down the right path.

The Good

As per usual I tracked all my eating and while it wasn’t pretty over the weekend actually tracking and confronting yourself with the eating is tremendously helpful for me.

I also got my activity point goal raised since I exceeded it for the past two weeks. While I haven’t been exercising

The Bad

I overate and again faced an issue with social drinking and the corresponding points. I need to develop some strategy for that and will probably aim for drinking socially once a week max.

The Numbers

I was finally able to loose some weight again and offset some of the weight gain I experienced these past two weeks:

Weight lost this week:  1.7 lb

Total weight lost:  6.5 lb

BMI this week: 34.6

Total reduction in BMI: 1.0

The Objectives

Since I am done with the international assignment next week, I will return to Chicao and while I will spent most of March travelling I will then start to focus more on exercising since I have my gym there. I will also start meal prepping again.I can’t wait to have my kitchen back and be actually able to cook proper, healthy meals.



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