Budget Review – Week 7

Ok let’s get into the nitty gritty of last weeks expenses. Overall the week was pretty good despite the weekend visiting friends and family which was pretty expensive.

However, my only personal expenses this week were Qapital savings (a post on this will follow this week) and some parking stickers I needed to purchase for our apartment. We use them for guests and I will have a rental car for a night in two weeks that I need to park somewhere.

The incidental spending this week was fairly good as well. However, I needed to withdraw more cash which brought me over budget for the week. I still have the majority of the money left though.


Overall I am about $50 over budget for my monthly work expenses and there is more to come since I have about a week left in Germany and on the weekend I will take my parents out for dinner as a thank you and then I need to bring cake to the office (something I need to purchase since I don’t have a proper kitchen in my hotel room) and throw a round of drinks for colleagues the night before.

So why I might have offset some of my birthday expenses, I will have to dip into my personal account next month to pay the additional cost.

Credit Card Update

Some of you might be wondering what I am doing with the extra cash I have left at the end of the month and sadly I have to say that I am currently putting those towards my credit cards.

With all the mixing off business and personal expenses on my cards (I usually have one that I use for business expenses only, but I can’t withdraw cash with it abroad) as well as my reckless spending in the last months of theĀ past year, I have been pushing credit card expenses forward. I make sure I pay off my statement balance every month to maintain a great credit score but otherwise it has been a catching up game which I am slowly winning.



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