Budget Revierw – Week 6

Budget-wise the past week has been fairly good. While I went over budget it does not really matter since I withdrew cash and will use the majority of it this week so technically I stayed within my budget.

However, if I want to be able to cover my birthday expenses of about $500 with my incidentals I have to be a lot more frugal with my money so hipefully I can manage to actually do that and not dip into my actual money.


Looking at my personal expenses I did extremely well. The only variable costs I had was my Weight Watchers subscription and some Qapital savings. I have prepared a post on Qapital so you have a better idea of what I am doing there and how I am saving with it and hopefully it will be published at some point this week.

Overall, I am happy with my spending but I hope that I can keep personal expenses to just Qapital savings for the upcoming week and since I have cash already reduce the incidental expenses drastically.


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