Diet Review – Week 6

This review will look a bit different than the other ones because I need to kind of sit down with myself and ask myself: Why?

This has been the second week in a row now that I have gained weight but the problem lies deeper than that and I am not entirely sure why I am acting the way I am. Looking back to January it was a great month. I loved the program, I stuck to it the whole time and lost 7.2lb in a month which is a huge deal to me. My family even started to notice that I was loosing weight and I just felt great.

Then February came around and with it my birthday. I talked about it a bit in last week’s Review but it got worse. On my actual birthday which happens to be the first of the month, I decided to screw it and not really care if I went over my points or not. Same goes for the Saturday after where I was celebrating with family and friends in my hometown. I still made healthier choices than I would have last year but I didn’t focus too much on my points.

And that is where the problem started for me: I thought I could handle these two days and can easily get back on track and move on from those two days but truth is I am not even remotely close to having such days as the data shows:

  • For the past 11 days of this month I had a total of 4 days within the healthy eating range.
  • For the past two weeks I consumed all my weekly points and all my activity points and even more on top of that

I started to fall back into old habits where I would just mindlessly eat and not listen to my body and its needs and another major thing was that I consumed way too much alcohol which in turn consumed plenty of points where it wasn’t necessary. As a matter of fact I was doing great most days until the evening came and I would go out with colleagues to grab a drink or something.

This behavior is reflected in the numbers and really upsets me, especially since I was doing so great, so I will take the day today to write, prepare some blog posts and put myself in the right mindset again. I started the blog for some accountability in all my endeavors in 2017 (not just the weight loss) and realized in these past weeks that it does not only create accountability for me (such as with these weekly diet updates) but also helps me tremendously to reflect on myself and improve.

The Numbers

Because of my eating this week I expected a gain but was actually positively surprised at thw small about:

Weight gained this week:  1.9 lb

Total weight lost:  4.8 lb

BMI this week: 34.8

Total reduction in BMI: 0.8

The Objectives

  • Get my mindset back on track
  • Do not dip into activity points
  • 5// blue dot days

4 thoughts on “Diet Review – Week 6

  1. g0edel3 says:

    Dont give up! It’s normal that in the first weeks you loose weight easily because you are really motivated, after that it gets a bit harder. But if you stick to the weight watchers program now that your birthday is over, it will get better again! I myself decided to not drink alcohol for a while, maybe you could consider that?


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