Diet Review – Week 5

Sorry about the delay, it has been a crazy week and I am trying to catch up. This past week started out great but it was my birthday on Wednesday and that’s when things went south. While I tracked everything on that day, I went out for tapas with some friends and afterwards dancing. The point intake  was high but I decided not to beat myself up about it. The next day I was hungover and made bad choices and on Saturday I had yet another birthday celebration. I tracked everything but the week didn’t go great.

The Good

  • I tracked and that is pretty much it 
  • I also opened my weight loss savings account and deposited the first $70 

The Bad

  • While I decided it was ok to splurge during my birtday celebrations it has been really hard to get back on track
  • I didn’t work out properly, but walked to work every day to get some exercise in

The Numbers

Because of my eating this week I expected a gain but was actually positively surprised at thw small about:

Weight gained this week:  0.5 lb

Total weight lost:  6.7 lb

BMI this week: 34.6

Total reduction in BMI: 1.0

The Objectives

  • Continue tracking everything
  • Focus more on my food intake and get back on track with the program

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