Why I no longer drink Sodas and other changes in my diet

I talked a bit about some changes I implemented in previous posts but since I am currently suffering from jetlag (going to bed at 10pm, waking up at 1am and staying awake until 5am) I thought I provide a comprehensive post on changes I made to my diet that have helped me to stay on track and improve my overall health.

Establishing those changes was actually fairly easy for me. This might be due to my strengthened mindset and full dedication to improving my health or just simply because after the initial “withdrawal” my body got used to it and now no longer craves such things.

The reason behind these changes is that I want to improve my health, so most of them are actually beneficial to my weightloss. Another nice benefit is that I am spending less money.

I no longer drink soda or any other sweet drinks

One way where I would consume unnecessary calories that wouldn’t help me to get full was through non-alcoholic beverages. In the morning I woudl drink juice and throughout the day whenever I had the urge for something sparkling have (diet) soda.

The reason I stopped consuming juice was largely due to the acids and resulting heartburn (see the next point).

While I would mostly drink diet soda, everyone has read about the negative health effects it can have. Especially when ordering soda in a restaurant I would find myself drinking and drinking with multiple refills throughout the meal without even being properly aware of it. Hence, I cut soda out of my diet and bought a SodaStream instead to make myself some

I stopped drinking coffee

This might be TMI but I used to get pretty bad heartburn on a daily basis for several hours at a time and basically living off these chewing tablets for heartburn relief. This development happened within the past year and it really affected my well being. Because I was travelling so much internationally I did not go to see a doctor simply because I did not want to go through the hassle of using insurance abroad etc. Instead I conducted a google research and came across some articles that indicated that coffee can cause heartburn.

I went off coffee in October 2016 and the effect was tremendously. While the heartburn wouldn’t stop it was reduced extremely to the point where I only have it once a week.

Prior to stopping coffee I had a about 3-4 cups a day, so the initial withdrawal was strong. I would crave it like crazy and caved in a couple of times only to be hit by heartburn again.

By now I do no longer have a desire to drink coffee and even the smell doesn’t trigger this anymore. To get my caffein kick I switched over to green tea.

I reduced my alcohol consumption and make smarter choices

When on any diet alcohol is usually one of the items you shouldn’t consume whatsoever. It does not only have a lot of empty calories, but can affect your sleep, increase cravings/ appetite.

For me personally whenever I drink I am less focused on eating healthy and make horrible choices throughout the evening (who hasn’t stopped at a McDonald’s on your way home from the bars). Since it also affects my sleep quality I am usually cranky the next day and crave fatty foods.

Being on Weight Watchers I have learned to consume less alcohol. With a total daily point budget of 37 points having a beer or two after work comes in very expensive at 5 points for 12 oz, points I rather spend on substantial and healthy meals.

Now when I drink I have a white wine spritzer or Vodka Soda instead of a high point beer or a very sugary cocktail.

I no longer purchase sweets

One trigger for my bad eating habits are sweets. When it comes to them I simply don’t have the willpower yet to stop at a certain point. Sadly enough I could eat a bag of chips in one sitting and that scares me to the point where I don’t trust myself to be around sweets at the moment.

Since I can’t control my portion sizes and don’t want to trigger old habits I simply don’t buy sweets, because when I don’t have them in the house I am not tempted to eat them.

Instead, when I crave something sweet, I eat fruit or make a fruit flavored tea with some milk. I also purchased a low calories ice cream that helps me with my sweet tooth.

I don’t get any takeout/ delivery for myself

One of my new years resolutions was to no longer get takeout or delivery for myself when at home. I did not only spend a lot on money on that out of sheer laziness but also made unhealthy food choices and overate. Now, I go grocery shopping and meal prep knowing exactly what is in my food and being able to have normal portion sizes.


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