Budget Review – Week 4

The month of January is over now and it is time to take a hard look not only at my week’s end budget but also my monthly budget and how well I was able to manage my money.

Let’s dive into the week first:


This week I went over budget in all categories and was very lucky as well that most social things I did were birthday treats from my friends.

Especially in the category shopping I spent quite a bit of money since I needed to replace some tights and purchased items from my approved purchases list. The good thing is that I have bought most items off that list by now and others are on hold so that chunk is good for now.

For the whole month the situation is as following:


First of, I need to take a very hard look at the my grocery spending since the amount spent was consumed within 2 weeks, which is simply not acceptable. Unfortunately, I do not really have the opportunity to test out my plan of doing the majority of my shopping once a week at Aldi’s until the end of March since I am travelling until then.

Another big expense this month was shopping, as explained earlier in this post. I feel though I do not have to take additional measures here since I have now bought the majority of approved purchases items.

One thing I need to focus on more as well is entertainment expenses. I need to find strategies or things where I do not spent as much money on such items. The same applies to eating out, although I already implemented changes here that are paying off. Believe it or not but usually my spending out eating out was way higher, but since I stopped getting take out/ delivery for myself and drink only water I was able to reduce those expenses.

I feel the month of January was a learning one. I was confronted with old habits but tracking them helped me to come to some realizations about my spending that I can hopefully implement in the next couple of months.


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