Diet Review – Week 4

With week four being over I actually feel more motivated than ever. In recent years all diet attempts failed after about 2-3 weeks because I was just not committed enough despite telling myself I was. So completing week 4 is a milestone in itself for me since it has been ages since I stuck to a change in my diet for that long, so I am extremely motivated now, feeling that this time I am actually in it for the long haul and that I will actually loose the goal I set myself for this year and continue.

The Good

  • it was easy to stick to the plan this week and I tracked everything I consumedI started to get more into cooking again. I used to love cooking but cooking for one can just get anoying. However, I started cooking and I will just eat the dish for 2-3 days or freeze it for when I feel lazy
  • restaurants and bought some fruit for my upcoming flights. I then had a 6h flight, a 1h stop and another 3h on a plane. For those flights I bought a Quest Bar variety pack on Amazon and took 4 bars with me. Each bar had 4 SP and were actually pretty filling.

The Bad

  • While I wanted to focus less on working out but rather getting my diet right first, I “only” worked out twice of which none was at the gym but rather two Freeletics workouts of about 15 minutes each
  • Last week I had 4/7 days within the healthy eating range and this week I managed to get 4/7. The reason behind that was that my roommate surprised me for my birthday by taking me to this extremely high-end cocktail place and we had the tasting menu with three fantastic cocktails.The other day was the first night of Chicago Restaurant week and yet another birthday celebration. However, I tracked everything!
  • People that know me, know that Sushi is my absolute favorite food in the entire world. I could eat it every day and since I am challenging myself to not get any delivery or take out by myself, I only had Sushi once  since being back home and was in desperate need for my fix. So I went to a great sushi place with my friends and got the dinner special (1 appetizer, 3 rolls, 2 sushis) and I ate it all despite being full…I was still in my healthy point range but I need to learn to listen to my body

The Numbers

Because of my travels I weighted in on Saturday instead of Sunday, shortening my week. However, I still managed to loose weight and within a month I have accomplished 18% of my yearly goal:

Weight lost this week:  1.6 lb

Total weight lost:  7.2 lb

BMI this week: 34.5

Total reduction in BMI: 1.1

The Objectives

  • since I have three birthday celebrations coming up next week, I want to get 5/7 blue dots
  • try to work out twice
  • I found this idea on Connect (WW App) and absolutely loved it: opening a savings account and put $10 in for every lb you loose. This does a couple of great things, first you are saving money and if you are a slightly competitive person just like me you want that number to increase, second it shows you how far you have come already and lastly it gives you a great budget for when new clothes are needed because of the weight loss. So once my paychecks gets in I will open a new savings account with Barclays (see my post on having your savings account with a different bank) and place the first $60.

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