Thoughts on my Eating Habits

I am currently on my fourth week of Weight Watchers and have lost 5.6 lb (as of my last weigh in on Sunday).

This morning I got into thinking. I was thinking  about my relationship to food, how I got to the weight I am today and what already has changed in these past weeks.

I always enjoyed eating food and especially sweets. Growing up I was always leaning towards the unhealthy things and consumed a lot of it, for example ketchup. I think back then my parents weren’t diligent enough to install healthy eating habits and once they tried I was already to old and stuck in my patterns. This carried on to my adult life and while I knew what I should eat and shouldn’t eat, I just didn’t care enough.

The diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis made things even worse and I started to pack on the pounds even more.

I would attempt loosing weight from time to time but usually only lasted two weeks or so before giving up and falling into old habits.

One thing I started to realize is that I eat food for a bunch of reasons but rarely because I am hungry:

  • I am an emotional eater and turn to sweets when I am upset
  • I am boredom eater and just want soemthing to munch on when I am not doing anything in particular
  • I am ignoring my feeling of satiety and just keep eating despite being full
  • Food controls me, I keep thinking about my next meal and what I am going to have. This would go as far as literally just finishing lunch and starting to plan out my dinner

What has changed so far

Coming to the realization that I have a very unhealthy relationship to food helps me tremendously simply because I am aware of the problem and can attack it. While changing some things will take longer (especially the psychological bits) I already made some changes that have helped me tremendously and oddly enough I don’t even miss the foods I would usually eat.

  • I am no longer getting take out or delivery for myself but instead I cook something that lasts me a couple of days so I have no laziness excuse
  • since I rather use my points on food I haven’t had a sip of coke or juice or any other drink for that matter besides water and tea (and unfortunately alcohol). When I desire something sparking I just use the soda stream I recently got and when I want something for my sweet tooth I have a sweeter tea (sometimes iced with coconut creamer)
  • same goes for sweets, I don’t buy them so I don’t have them and I usually have a mango or some other sweet fruit when I crave sweets
  • When I consume alcohol I make sure it either is a Vodka Soda or a White Wine Spritzer, this way I keep the calories to a minimum
  • when going to the grocery store I am more aware of what I am putting in my body and I tend to buy a lot more organic or all natural things
  • only consuming water and tea, cooking for myself with fresh ingredients have also lead to me consuming less sugar

So far these strategies have helped me to stay on track and while I splurge from time to time (e.g. having sushi dinner with friends) I am starting to make healthier choices overall but without having to force myself and that I the thing I love about Weight Watchers: It doesn’t restrict you in the sense that you can’t eat particular food groups etc. but it rather teaches you to be smart with your food just like a budget teaches you to be smart with your money or more aware of your spending.


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