The Importance of Milestones

One of the most important things when trying to lose weight is to have little goals along the way. If you only have a final goal in your mind it might be hard to stick to your diet because it is such a long way to loose all the weight you want to, but if you have little goals along the way it is easier to stick to your diet, at least that’s what I feel like.

Breaking the entire process up in mile stones helps you with having a sense of accomplishment and you will keep a positive feeling about the

So how did I set my goals?

1. Decide on your Goals

As I said for me personally baby steps are the best because it helps me to stay focused and motivated. Such steps can be a certain weight, a certain BMI, a certain measurement of your waist, or a specific percentage of weight loss. But goals can also not be related to numbers but something else you wanted to accomplish, for example fitting into a specific piece of clothing. I still have my college graduation dress in my closet. I wore it once, it is beautiful and at the time was the most expensive piece of clothing I owned. I only wore it once so I would love to fit into it again.

2. Pick a Rewards

The part of picking the reward can be rather difficult. Just make sure it is non-food-related.

Pick something you would really like to treat yourself to but maybe are otherwise not willing to get. Just make sure it isn’t a  meal at your favorite pizza place or anything like that because this way it is not beneficial for your diet and will cause regret rather than celebrating your milestone.

What are my milestones of 2017?

With about 80 lb to loose in total and a goal of 40 lb for 2017 I tried to come up with realistic milestones and treats that I would enjoy. Since I am on a shopping ban treating myself can be rather difficult since I can’t buy a lot. Hence, my reward is failry simple: since I love massages for every milestone I reach, I will treat myself to a nice masage.

Without further ado, here are my milestones:

  • get under 100kg
  • loose 10% of my starting weight
  • get to Onederland
  • get into the overweight BMI range
  • loose 40lb

The maximum amount I will have to loose between milestones will be 11.6lb .


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