Budget Review – Week 3

This was the first full week I was at home and to be honest I was a bit worried going extremely over budget simply because when I am home for a short epriod of time (in this case 2 weeks) I have a lot of social things going on and they cost money.

Let’s start off by saying I went over budget. Nonetheless, I made some choices that actually helped me to help me stay on track. There is definitely room for improvement, but I started to notice that I am more mindful about my spending. What I mean here with mindful is to come up with alternative ideas to what you would usually do

So here is the break down:

Week 3 2017.PNG

As you can see I went over budget with groceries again despite hoping to actually be under budget this week. So what happened there? First of I needed to buy some household essentials I wasn’t anticipating. Then a friend and I got some mixers and went to her home to watch TV and have a drink rather than going to a bar (this was one of the mindful budget decisions I was talking about). Lastly, I invited two friends to come over to my place to cook a healthy meal. The ingredients for the healthy meal cost me $30.

So I am actually glad I went over budget on groceries because it saved me a lot of money on entertainment expenses. The meal at home was $30 for 3 courses for 3 people. My friend brought the wine and we had a great evening chatting and cooking together. Going to a restaurant, I would have easily paid >$60 for the same experience.

The expense item I had the most trouble with was entertainment. This is definitely a category I have to work on extremely. I ate dinner out once this week and had one brunch I attended. The entertainment category is very diverese, I got a pedicure, Netflix was deducted and I went out with friends a couple of times. The shopping was due to the fact that I needed to purchase a new mascara and concealer (replacing of empty items is allowed under my shopping ban) and I decided to go for more high quality products since they will have to last me a while and I want to be more conscientious about my buying choices. When you take this out of the equation I still was more than double over my entertainment budget…

The Plan for Next Week

Since it is my last week at home I have plenty of social gatherings going on. Monday I am going to the movies and prior to that have some food with friends. Tuesday my roomaate has something planned for my birthday. Wednesday it is Sushi dinner and Thursday a history talk. Friday night I am going to Chicago restaurant week. While I will try to make more budget conscientious decisions, it is unlikely I will stay under budget, but we shall see…



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