Diet Review – Week 3

So this week was a weird one and I kind of knew that going into it since I was home the first week (out of a two week stay) and had to get plenty of friend time in. It was also the week where I celebrated my birthday with my friends. I thought I do a different structure for the reviews from now on, so my reflection is a bit more organized.

The Good

  • While I only went to the gym once, I actually downloaded the Freeletics App and worked out at home 2 times, reaching my workout goal
  • I stuck to my resolution not to get any take out or delivery food when alone, instead I meal prepped lunch and cooked at night when not out and about
  • I tracked everything and while I used up my weekly points and activity points, I put it all down
  • I reached my activity point goal of 53 this week

The Bad

  • I had at least one drink 5 nights out of the 7 this week, adding unnecessary calories to my diet. I tried to mostly have Vodka Soda or white wine spritzers to keep the calories as low as possible
  • I only managed to stay within the healthy point range 4 out of 7 days for one of the other days I was below it and for the other two above
  • Saturday was a complete blow out point wise. I had a tea party I attended where I was still on track since I ate a healthy lunch beforehand bt at night I wss celebrating my birthday and things went crazy. We went for Asian tapas and then to the bars. Despite going way over my point budget I made healthier choices: I didn’t order any fried food at the restaurant but sushi and shrimp shumai. Drink wise I stuck to my vodka soda, making sure that I had the healthiest alcoholic option. Nonetheless, my weight loss this week was accordingly…

The Numbers

Weight lost this week: 0.2 lb

Total weight lost: 5.6 lb

BMI this week: 34.7

Total reduction in BMI: 0.9

The Objectives

For next week I want to focus more on my diet, while I am planning on exercising I have to make sure I focus on my eating and don’t fall back into old patterns. Hence the goal for next week is to have ALL days in the healthy eating range.


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