Initial Stage of Decluttering

One of my New Years resolutions was to focus more on what is important in my life and to declutter it. So when I got back home on Saturday I was immediately excited to start and the next three days I was going through my room and got rid of a bunch of stuff. The results were two garbage bags full of trash and three bags full of things to be donated.

I mainly focused on cloth, shoes, some accessories and beauty products.

I wrote down every single item and let me tell you the sheer number is shocking. I always thought I didn’t own much clothing but I soon learned that I had over 445 items (of which about 100 were underwear and socks). Here is the breakdown:


As you can see the category with the largest number of items is clothes followed by cosmetics. One thing I am guilty off is going to the stores when bored and picking up random stuff. Unfortunately i only removed 19% of my clothing items which is partly due to the fact that I decluttered them last year and that it is kind of hard for me to throw things away because I might wear them one day. So going through my cloth is one thing I will definitely do again in two months or so hoping to get rid of more stuff.

With beauty products the reason for the sheer number is fairly simple: I like to stock up on products I only get in Germany and I had an Ipsy subscription where I would get 5 new products each month and hardly use.

Another thing I noticed is that I am obsessed with notebooks. I don’t know why but I had about 20 notebooks which I all purchased and guess what: I didn’t use any of them…

However, I reached my goal of removing over 25% of the items in my life but there is still a long way to go, since I still own way too much!


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