Budget Review – Week 2

This week I managed fairly well to stay within my budget, especially with the work one. spend about $180 less than I had available despite going out with colleagues two nights.

However, the normal budget didn’t go as great. Since I arrived Saturday from Europe I went grocery shopping and got some food. Of the $50 I have each week, I spent close to $75. The positive thing though is that the food I bought should get me through most of next week. I also paid more attention to making better choices when buying things such as getting more organic or all natural stuff.

Once it gets warmer I will start hopping on my bike again and ride to Aldi. They also have a great selection of organic foods and when I went regularly there last Spring I could reduce my budget to $30 – $50 (depending on how much protein I bought).

Another bigger item off my budget were gifts again. For our surprise baby shower I bought some sparkling wine and non-alcoholic sparkling apple cider and still needed to get gift wrap for my present.

Lastly, my Weight Watchers subscription got withdrawn.


I am a bit worried about next week, since I have quite a few dinners scheduled and general hang outs with friends


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