Diet Review – Week 2

This week was a fairly tough week for me and I only  managed to have 4 days in the healthy eating range. Work this week was particularly tough so I went out with co-workers twice and unfortunately quite a lot of alcohol was involved (and one Mc Donald’s meal), costing me plenty of points.

However, despite this setback I actually have a couple of things I am fairly proud of:

  • I stayed within my point budget. Granted I used up all my weekly points AND only have 4 fit points left, but I did not eat more than those
  • I tracked everything I ate, despite not wanting to
  • going along with the previous point, I also resisted getting a pizza

In the past I would have told myself screw it when going above the daily point value, telling myself that tracking doesn’t  matter anymore and I would have ordered the pizza, this week I didn’t.

Lastly, I had an international flight this weekend as well, leading to me having breakfast, and some of the two meals served on the plane. The flight was close to 10 hours and when I landed in Chicago it was only 11 am. For lunch I made myself a salad with some grilled tuna and mushrooms which was only three points. For dinner I then had a sandwich.

Tracking when hopping through time zones is extremely tough but luckily I won’t have to go through it that many more times in the next year.

Despite having a tough week I managed to loose 2.4 lb which I  am extremely happy about. I also decided to get into my measures only once a month, since these changes are probably fairly small.

Let’s get into the numbers:

Weight lost this week: 2.4 lb

Total weight lost: 5.4 lb

BMI this week: 34.8

Total reduction in BMI: 0.8

For next week I want to aim to be in the healthy eating zone at least 5/7 days. On Saturday I am having a pre-birthday celebration so this might be difficult since we will go for a meal and then to the bars. I also want to focus more on my work outs so for next week I want to go at least 3 times.



3 thoughts on “Diet Review – Week 2

  1. Kyle says:

    Resisting the pizza is a huge win! Refusing to let the train derail just because you had a few hiccups is what will ultimately ensure your success with this, so keep it up!


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