Why I decided to lose weight with Weight Watchers

The decision to go with Weight Watchers when I intially decided to focus on my health this year was a fairly simple one for me and I had plenty of good reasons:

  1. I successfully lost weight with it before
  2. The program focuses on healthy eating
  3. it gives me great flexibility
  4. It has a great app
  5. the Connect feature is a motivation booster

I successfully lost weight with it before

The first time I encountered Weight Watchers was when I was 18. Having just been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and having gained a signifcant amount of weight my mom and I started going to meetings.

My initial attempt didn’t work: although I was religiously following the program there was no progress because of my recent diagnosis, so I quit eventually. However, I kept the material and about 5 years ago I successfully lost 22lb with it within 3 months but got lazy and let it fizzle out.

However, this experience shows me that I can actually lose weight with the program if I can stay motivated and on track.

The program focuses on healthy eating

One thing I love about the program is that it doesn’t restrict you to certain foods or that you simply just count calories but that it pushes you towards healthier choices. Each item has an assigned points value based on its calories, saturated fats, sugar, fibre and protein.

With your daily point budget you decide what to do. You can eat anything as long as you stay within your budget, so eating healthier lets you eat more. You can have a full day of great food or 4 slices of pizza.

Fruit and vegetables in general are 0 points. Although they have calories their health benefits exceed that and your diet gets more plant based. If I eat well within my point budget I can even indulge and treat myself from time to time, eating a cooking or ice cream which I love.

The fact that the program isn’t super restrictive helps me tremendously to follow it since I am not stopping myself from eating things I enjoy.

It gives me great flexibility

The flexibility of the program is fantastic. One aspect of it, the fact you can eat whatever as long as you stay within your budget, was explained in the previous point. Another thing are the weekly points: in addition to your daily budget, you have an extra weekly budget you can use however you want during that week. So if I have a party coming up or something else it is great to have this extra buffer to stay on track.

The program also gives you extra points for being active, that you can either use part of for food during that week as well or you just don’t use them at all.

It has a great app

Having my phone always on me it is awesome that I have a super easy app with me to track my points. You can not only enter items but also make use of their extensive data base. Furthermore it offers a scanner so you can easily scan items in the supermarket to determine if they are good for you or not. It also gives you the option to enter nutritional values and calculate the corresponding points.

Last but not least, if you have an iPhone you can sync it with your Health app tracking your steps and earning activity points for them.

the Connect feature is a motivation booster

One things I absolutely love is Connect, the social network of Weight Watchers. You can post pictures, questions and just vent and the community is there for you. The people there are awesome, supporting you and trying to keep you motivated and seeing all the pictures of transformations gives me a real boost in motivation.


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