Budget Review – Week 1

The first week of the new year is over and I must say it has been really good.

I stayed on track with my eating and also kept within my budget. I bought some stuff that was on the list of approved things for my shopping ban, one of which was a gas cylinder for a Soda Stream. I love sparkling water but having to carry the heavy cans or bottles home and paying at least $1 for 1.5l gets annoying. So my parents got me a soda stream for my birthday next month. Refilling a gas cylinder is about $14 and covers approximately 60l, so I will save in the long run and can have a refreshing drink at home .

Anyway, here is the budget break down of this week:


As you can see I stayed within my entertainment budget. Although I didn’t plan on purchasing anything from my budget this week a baby shower came up and I hads to order some stuff off Amazon. However, I did great with my incidentals (to rhe left) and despite getting a manicure I stayed under budget!

Let’s hope next week is the same!


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