Diet Review – Week 1

so my first week of being again on Weight Watchers is nearly over and I must say it was fairly tough in the beginning but I am starting to get the hang of things.

After using all my weekly points in the first three days due to eating out and still being hungover craving shitty foods, I got it together and stayed on track the rest of the week. Even a birthday lunch with my grandma at a Chinese buffet didn’t trigger old eating habits and I stuck to my points.

I also formed a little support group with two friends in Chicago to help each other staying on track and keep motivated.

The way I am going to pursue these updates is that I will provide numbers on how much I have lost, my BMI and circumference of certain body parts.

Unfortunately I only got a measuring tape this week so updates on inches will begin next week.

Here we go:

Weight lost this week: 3lb

Total weight lost: 3lb

BMI this week: 35.1

Total reduction in BMI: 0.5


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