January Goals

One thing that I want to Focus on is setting monthly goals that are aligned with my my resolutions, but help me Keep things more manageable and reflect on my Progress.


  • continue avoid drinking coffee
  • when not drinking alcohol, only order water at restaurants
  • track all I am eating in my WW app
  • do not get take out food when in Chicago, cook
  • declutter my suitcase
  • 1st round of decluttering at home
  • cancel Ipsy subscription
  • stick to shopping ban


  • utilize the two weeks I am home to focus on my Designation and complete the total of 16h (4h per week)
  • prepare for my salary negotiations


  • put the planned amount into the emergeny savings account
  • pay back all balances from the previous statement on my credit cards
  • track my spending
  • do a weekly grocery shopping to ensure I stay on Budget
  • move remaining money from salary into savings accounts


  • book all hotels/ AirBnB places for Patagonia so that the only upcoming expense will be the expenses when there

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