Summary of my New Years Resolution

These past days I have been posting all my resolutions in the various areas of my life. Since there are so many and plenty of different ones I thought I would summarize them in one single post.


  • have at least $20,000 in my emergency savings account
  • save $3,500 for my trips in 2017
  • stick to my budget and put the left over money into my savings account


  • Follow my shopping ban for one year
  • get rid of at least 25% of my possessions
  • lose 40lb


  • travel as much as possible, but definitely to the countries planned out (Czech Republic, Iceland, Chile, Argentina, Greece)


  • get at least 14% raise
  • dedicate 4h a week to my PRM certification

This is pretty much it. Everything else ties into these goals. 9 goals for one year, 9 goals to follow for 52 weeks. I am sure I can do this and am actually excited for the changes and what the year will bring for me!

Happy New Year!



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