What I want to accomplish – Career

This is going to be a more complicated resolution since it is not as tangible or rather measurable as the the others I have posted thus far. Nonetheless, this area of my life is definitely something I need to work towards and have to make significant changes.

The reason behind this is very simple: I am unhappy with where I am in my job and don’t really see any chance to moving forward, growing professionally and move on my career. This does not apply to the company itself, but to the subsidiary I currently work for.

In early December I reached my breaking point and realized that where I am currently at , I am not moving forward and I haven’t properly in the past. Sure I will be promoted 01/01/2017, but for me personally it isn’t really about my title but personal growth, learning, being exposed  to different things and becoming more confident and better at what I do. This realization will have a major impact on my life though. For me it isn’t just switching jobs: since my visa is employer-bound it means I will have to move back home and start life all over again there. One good thing would be that I can continue working for the same company and actually find what I have been missing in the US. However, this is a big step and harder than I have always imagined.

So for 2017 my goals are as following:

  1. work more towards my certification in risk management and schedule the first exam (I want to dedicate at least 4h a week to this!)
  2. get a raise of at least 14%
  3. give my resume to a friend for a job where I could stay in Chicago
  4. prepare to move and continue my career back home

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