What I want to accomplish: Decluttering

Now that I am starting to write down everything I want to accomplish in the upcoming year and actually posting it for everyone to see, it gets kind of scary. The list of things I want to focus on is long, but I hope by changing all these aspects in my life I will get out of this funk, get to know myself better and become happier in the process by learning a ton and refocusing on the things that are important.

One thing I think will help me come closer to the goal is decluttering.

I got this idea through bemorewithless.com. In the past months I already went through my wardrobe twice and got rid of some items but reading the posts on the blog inspired me to take an even broader approach and actually get rid of items. While I will not work with a capsule wardrobe, I will try to get rid of a lot of things I owe that I no longer use, are broke or where I won’t fit in anymore.

It is time to let go of some items. First of, it will be beneficial if I move across the ocean to a different continent since it will make the entire process less stressful, but it will also clean out my life, letting go of the past and creating a calm, uncluttered space. This is also where my shopping ban will come in: instead of refilling my closet with senseless purchases, I will learn to live with the things I love rather than having items in my closet I am not wearing anyway.

I am planning to get a detailed inventory of what I own and the goal is to get rid of at least 25%. The start will be early January with my travel suitcase fot my work assignment. Even in this one suitcase where I should only have clothes I will actually wear since I only have limited space and dress with the things in there for 4-5 weeks at a time, I can spontaneously think of two items I haven’t worn in months/ years and one item that can go in the trash.



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