What I want to accomplish: Budgeting

Another thing I want to focus on in the new year, tying directly into my other resolutions like travelling and saving more money in general, is budgeting.

I am pretty good at putting my money towards things on my budget and putting money aside but unfortunately I am also quick with using my credit card, buying thing at Marshall’s and getting expensive dinners with friends.

So for the new year my goal is to actually stick to my budget and review my spending on a weekly basis to ensure I am on track during the month.

This will also be a weekly series, where I review my spending.

Since I am currently on work assignments multiple weeks in a row, most weekly reviews will contain two analyses:

  • am I sticking to my personal budget (spending in weeks on work assignment should be 0)?
  • am I am living within my means with the incidentals I receive from the company?

The template I have created for now, will be as following (example, first week of January):


Generally I will try not to roll over any amount I am under budget with into the following week, but rather put it aside to save it towards my vacation savings.As you can see I also have a column for shopping despite my shopping ban. This is mainly for the things on the approved list of my shopping ban or repurchasing things I ran out of, for example cosmetics.


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