What I want to accomplish – Weight Loss

I have been struggeling with my weight since my teenage years and am currently at the heaviest I have ever been and the reasons are simple:

  • I love food and enjoy eating it
  • I suffer from Hashimoto Thyroiditis

Let me tell you, these two reasons together are a really bad combination. Suffering from Hashimoto’s, besides a bunch of other great complications, means that it is extremely difficult for me to lose weight. I am more proned to gaining it and pairing this with enjoying a good meal or giving into my sugary cravings got me to the point where I am at today.

I remember my first time trying to loose weight with Weight Watchers. I was 18 years old and although following the program religiously I was unable to lose more than 2lb in total. This was very disheartening and I eventually stopped and went back to my old ways. It has been like this ever since, I want quick successes and if they don’t happen I give up. Once I stuck it out for a while and was able to lose 20lb, but somehow stopped again…

So a major part of my year will be to focus more on my health. I got the Weight Watchers app so I have no more excuses and I just have to remind myself that for me progress will be slow, but that even not gaining more weight is an accomplishment for me.

I am currently 84lb above my ideal body weight and 68lb above the normal range of a healthy BMI. Since losing weight will be a long journey and probably taking longer than a year my weight goal for Dec. 31, 2017 is:

Lose 40lb

The range Weight Watchers suggests for a healty weight loss is 1-2lb a week. Knowing that my progress will be slower, I feel 40lb is an attainable goal when the normal range is between 52 and 104lb in a year.

The rules for this are simple:

  • track everything, every week (post a weekl blog post for accountability and reflection on my progress)
  • when out eating for lunch/ dinner just drink water, no juices, no sodas just water
  • don’t get any take out when alone
  • keep walking to work and when at home in Chicago work out at leas 3 times a week



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