Why we stopped giving gifts

Since it is Christmas day and all our celebrating is done for this year and as I am lying in bed about to take a nap, I thought I would explain why me and my family and well as me and my friends have stopped giving gifts for Christmas.

Every year I would stress out about finding the right gift for everyone. I would walk through the stores, surf the internet googling phrases like “presents for brother” and eventually I would come up with something, order it, having to take it home with me in my big suitcase and handing it over on Christmas eve. Every year the person would say thank you and move on to the next gift. So last year after our family Christmas and as we were sitting at the table we decided to stop giving gifts and the reason is simple:

We are all working adults, so if we really want something we will get it and not wait until Christmas for someone to give it to you and while the presents are a great gesture, it rarely is the PERFECT gift or will be used as much as we would think.

So instead of wasting our time and money on finding the right present, we decided to just stop and just enjoy the time together.

The same applies to my friends, instead of buying gifts we go to a nice restaurant, get a bottle of wine and enjoy quality time together.

Rather than being stressed out over Christmas, we get to enjoy the month and have a nice and relaxing evening.

Another benefit is saving money of course. This year my holiday shopping contained of a total of four gifts:

  1. A present for my roommate ($35)
  2. A present for the white elephant for our Christmas party with Chicago friends ($12)
  3. A present for my little cousin (the only person in the family who still gets a gift) ($30)
  4. A present for my “nephew”, a cute Labrador puppy ($12)

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on gifts for over 10 people, I spent $89 and had the most relaxing Christmas in years!


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