What I want to accomplish – Travel

One thing I absolutely love to do is travel! Sure everyone says this and it is probably true but planning a trip and being on it brings me tremendous joy. I get to create memories with the people I love, see new places and embrace new cultures. Thus far I have been to 23 countries of which I have lived in 4.

However, I bought one of those scratch off world maps a couple of months ago and it honestly looks depressing. Most countries I have been to have been fairly small and mostly in Europe.

Looking at this map made me realize that there is so much more to see and experience, so I decideed to declare 2017 my travel year! This has mainly two reasons: I am currently free as a bird and have the luxuty of actually doing whatever I want. The second reason is that with my current international work assignment I am accumulating a ton of vacation days leaving me with 9 weeks of vacations in 2017.

So here is the compilation of current trips I have planned.

Prague, Czech Republic

For NYE my friends and I decided to do something fun and different since each year seems to be the same. Since I am in Germany over the holidays, we will take a road trip down to Prague and stay there for two nights, celebrating with a fancy NYE party and exploring a new city.


When flying back to Chicago during one of my work assignments, I will stop in Iceland in March for a couple of days. Mainly because I don’t have to pay for the flights and I am dreaming about seeing the Northern Lights. My dad will accompany me for this trip, so it will be rather down to earth. We have a nice little AirBnB apartment in the center of Reykjavik and a rental car so we can explore as much as possible.

Patagonia, Chile and Argentina

After a short stint in Chicago upon returning from Iceland, I will fly down to Santiago de Chile to meet one of my best friends from Germany there. We will then fly down to Punta Arenas and do a 10 day road trip through Patagonia, hiking and exploring.

Crete, Greece

Since the body also needs to relax, I will spent one week on the Greek island Crete. We booked ourselves into a 5* Resort and Spa by the beach in a lively town. These days are going to be spent lying on the beach and grabbing cocktails from the beach bar.

South East Asia

This one is the only vacation next year that has not yet been planned or booked. However, I am planning to spend two weeks with three of my Chicago friends in South East Asia. More to come.



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