Christmas Cocktail Hour: Baked Apple Shot

This one was actually created 30 minutes ago. My cousin requested something fun for our Christmas Eve together and while my dad will make mulled wine and I came up with a simple champagne cocktail (if it is good I will share it!), but I thought a fun shot would be great.

There is this Spanish liqueur called Liquor 43 and it has this great vanilla flavor. Unfortunately it is fairly expensive in the US with about $30, so my parents were going to bring me a bottle when they were visiting in September, since the bottle is only $15 in Germany. Unfortunately it was leaking and now my parents have a bottle at home and don’t know what to do with it, so it is upon me to empty it.

Baked Apple Shot


  • Liquor 43
  • unfiltered apple juice
  • whipping cream or milk
  • cinnamon


  1. fill 1/3 of the shot glass with each of the liquid ingredients, add the dash of cinnamon and stir.




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