The Idea behind this Blog

Let’s get this right out of the way: 2016 wasn’t a great year!

After the most heartbreaking breakup I ever experienced I found myself all alone in a new country and even on a new continent. The person I made the move from Europe to the US for was no longer there and I was facing decisions I wasn’t yet ready to actually face. In addition to that my job kind of stagnated and I was assigned to a project in my home country which now means plenty of transatlantic flights and difficulties maintaining a balanced work-life-balance and meaningful relationships.

So these past months I have been in a funk: unhappy with where I was in life, but somehow unwilling to change things. This was until earlier this month where I reached a breaking point and came to the realization that I need to change things and focus on myself rather than fulfilling others’ expectations.

Hence, here we are. This blog is supposed to work as a documentation tool for me, create some accountability and maybe even inspire others and create an actual movement.

My goals for 2017 span across a variety of areas and might appear extremely ambitious, but I just need this change and work towards something where I think I can start focusing on my on health and happiness and work on more meaningful things.

These things are mainly:

  • Finances
  • Lifestyle
  • Career
  • Travel

In the next couple of days I will lay out what I want to accomplish for each of those things and how I am planning on achiving them.


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